Get More Doses of the COVID-19 Vaccine with Sharps Provensa Ultra-Low Waste™

At this critical time when there aren’t enough vaccines to meet demand, every dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is needed, and vials should be used to the last drop. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) requires vaccine providers to track and report wastage. Low-dead space syringes minimize waste, with at least one additional dose to be drawn from each vial, however, it has been reported that these syringes are in short supply.

covid vaccine vial

What is the Sharps Provensa Ultra-Low Waste™ feature?

The liquid (medication or vaccine) waste left in the dead space of a syringe between the plunger and the needle. Our low-dead space syringes are designed to minimize waste, reducing costly discarded medicine from every inefficient injection.

Sharps Provensa: Ultra-Low Waste™ offers a solution to minimize vaccine waste while offering reliable needlestick protection.

With Sharps Provensa’s Ultra-Low Waste™ we can immunize more patients with the limited doses currently available.

Contact us today to receive our low-waste space performance testing data sheet and to learn more about our low-dead space syringes.