Sharps Technology Welcomes Robert Hayes to the Sharps Leadership Team

New York, NY – September 15, 2021 – Sharps Technology, an innovative medical device company offering patented, best in class, single use smart safety syringe product line, today announced Robert Hayes will be joining the Sharps leadership team as Chief Executive Officer.

About Robert Hayes
Chief Executive Officer

Before being named CEO at Sharps Technology, Robert Hayes most recently spent 11 years at Gerresheimer Pharmaceutical Glass where he led commercial sales through strategic partnerships and programs with top global healthcare companies. Most recently as the Senior Director of Innovation and Product Management, he was responsible for overseeing the development and commercialization of specialized pharmaceutical packaging products. Through this role and his previous position as Global Key Account Manager, he created market leading growth within the packaging industry.

Robert has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, working for companies such as Baxter Healthcare, Cardinal Healthcare, Covidien/Sherwood Medical producing monoject syringes, Boston Scientific, Hollister, Hill-Rom, Fresenius Medical, and CMO Operations, where he supported top leading pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, Pfizer and Merck.

His time in the industry has included leadership positions for plant operations, quality management, validation and technical services for healthcare and medical device manufacturing. He also has experience in development of innovative product and process technologies, production of cleanroom molding products and assemblies, ready to use sterile products, invasive medical devices and combination products with specialized drug and device platforms.

Robert earned a BA from the University of Toledo and holds ASQ Certifications in Quality Auditing, Engineering and Management.

“Having worked closely with the founders of Sharps Technology over the past several years, I learned about the purpose and capabilities for their specialty syringe technology. The company’s ability to provide a product that could create additional vaccine doses at no additional cost and deliver a safe injection that would protect both patients and healthcare providers, resonated with my personal reasons for working within the healthcare industry for the past 25+ years. Sharps Technology is an innovative medical device company that is well positioned within the specialty syringe segment. The company’s FDA approved technologies support the immediate needs of the healthcare market including COVID-19 vaccinations. Through the passion of the company’s employees and the company’s commitment to quality and innovation, I am very optimistic as I look ahead to achieve the growth potential for Sharps Technology,” adds Robert Hayes.

Soren Christiansen, Chairman of the Board, said, “Sharps Technology has been seeking an engineering, manufacturing and sales-oriented executive to lead the company as we increase manufacturing and commercialization of our Sharps Provensa™ smart safety syringes to meet COVID-19, and market demands. We look forward to Robert leading our company.”

About Sharps Technology

Sharps Technology offers a solution to a global healthcare crisis. Sharps Provensa Ultra-Low Waste™smart safety syringes are the first of their kind designed to eliminate over two million potentially infectious, accidental needlestick injuries, as well as billions of dollars in medicine wasted with today’s inefficient syringes.  Sharps Provensa™ syringes address the important needs of the global healthcare market:

  • Provides automatic protection from accidental needlestick injury for clinicians and all who come in contact with contaminated needles.
  • Prevents improper reuse of both needle and syringe by automatically locking the plunger and shielded needle following injection.
  • Sharps Provensa Ultra Low-Waste™ dramatically reduces the number of costly medications discarded with inefficient injections.
  • Facilitates extra doses from vials and pre-filled syringes.
Our proprietary Sharps Provensa™ safety syringes are the solution to urgent problems. We believe in caring through innovation. We believe that injections should not cause infections.

Karen Daley, PHD, RN, FAAN, Director at Sharps Technology, is a valued stakeholder in patient and occupational safety. She contributed to Moving the Sharps Safety in Healthcare Agenda Forward in the United States: 2020 Consensus Statement and Call to Action developed by the Sharps Injury Prevention Stakeholder group in collaboration with the International Safety Center.

The year 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act and its amendment to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) (OSHA, 2001).  Over the past 20 years, the standard continues to be effective in driving healthcare employers to significantly reduce needlesticks, sharps injuries, and blood and body fluid exposures, as well as the resulting infections from bloodborne viruses.

However, the risks of occupational exposure to blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) are greater today than in decades past.  The emergence of these previously unknown pathogens, such as COVID-19, highlights the critical role that the safety and health of healthcare workers play and the importance of protecting them from workplace hazards. 

Moreover, data have demonstrated a decline in the rate of sharps injuries in the first decade after the BPS was revised in 2001. Data from the following decade shows that this decline has not continued, highlighting the need to focus attention to this potentially dangerous hazard.

Healthcare workers represent a critical national resource that must be protected from harm while they care for others. Healthcare worker safety is a crucial component of patient safety, and of the overall safety and quality of the healthcare environment.

The statement includes recommendations to guide healthcare employers, regulatory and accrediting bodies, labor unions, and advocacy groups to build safer workplaces for those providing patient care.

Click here to view the full statement.

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“The COVID-19 vaccination will be in addition to the regular vaccine programs, like MMR, HPV, etc., so the need for a significant increase in syringes and needles are also needed,” Dr. Soren Bo Christiansen, chairman and CEO of Sharps Technology Inc., a safety syringe company, and a former head of vaccines at Merck, told Healthline.

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Amid Global Pandemic, Launch of Smart Safety Syringe to Maximize Availability of Life-Saving Medicine

SHARPS PROVENSA Can Speed Millions of Extra Doses of Vaccine to the Public

New York, NY, July 6, 2020 — Sharps Technology, Inc., ( today announced plans to manufacture its patented SHARPS PROVENSA™ smart safety syringes for use throughout the United States.  Sharps Provensa safety syringes have received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) consent for marketing in the U.S.  

Independent testing shows medications presently thrown away with each inefficient injection are virtually eliminated by the SHARPS PROVENSA™ technology.

The Company expects production of its products to commence in Q4 2020 with fulfillment to pharmaceutical and healthcare partners in Q2 2021.  Its 40,000 square foot manufacturing plant in the EU is being refitted to be able to produce 100 million units annually. The Company is awaiting CE Mark approval for Europe.

There are approximately 14 billion injections delivered worldwide each year, and a vaccine for COVID-19 could add another 6 billion before accounting for government stockpiling.  A more efficient syringe system, with only miniscule waste space, results in more doses of costly and hard-to-manufacture injectable drugs delivered more affordably and rapidly to hospitals and doctors. 

“Our multiple syringe designs have the potential to protect 40 million healthcare workers by eliminating infectious needlestick injuries and at the same time, scale up the delivery of life-saving vaccines and medicines globally,” said Soren Christiansen, MD, Chairman and CEO of Sharps Technology. “With vaccine demand likely to soar, this medical innovation could not come at a more crucial time.  SHARPS PROVENSA helps our partners in the drug manufacturing sector to more efficiently and cost-effectively deliver medicines, ultimately benefitting the people receiving the treatments.”   Dr. Christiansen is a former senior executive with Merck responsible for $10 billion a year in sales.  

Pharmaceutical companies must over-fill each vial and pre-filled syringe dose they provide, to overcome waste space in the typical syringe.  Overfilling increases manufacturer cost and reduces the doses yielded per production batch.  With an estimated 1 billion Covid-19 doses recently announced by J&J, if paired with SHARPS PROVENSA Ultra Low-Waste™, may translate to 50-100 million additional doses from the same bulk vaccine material.  

Barry Berler, Sharps Chief Technology Officer and Inventor said, “We are in a race to produce the maximum number of units in the shortest period.  To maximize supply, we have teamed up with Gerresheimer, major suppliers of glass and plastic medical devices and injection vials to the pharmaceutical industry.”

Tony Mulone, Sharps Executive Vice President, and former GM of Covidien’s Custom Product Solutions, a $250 million division which marketed needles and syringes said, This ultra-low waste technology can save billions of dollars each year, by preventing wasted injectable medicine from winding up in landfills.  Instead that medicine will be effectively administered to patients who need it, and countless millions waiting for vaccines to counteract dangerous diseases, including COVID-19 should a vaccine become available.”

Syringe delivery-system pairing is essential in determining availability and cost for any manufacturer’s vaccine or injectable drug supply – both to patients, government, and insurers.  SHARPS PROVENSA™ is also the first and only safety syringe designed for one hand use and ultra-low waste engaging all safety features automatically as the injection is given. 

This safety syringe technology is designed to eliminate 2 million accidental needlestick injuries each year, including 600,000 occurring to U.S. medical personnel.  SHARPS PROVENSA™ deploys a unique, proprietary shield that covers the needle point even before the needle is withdrawn from the skin, rendering it incapable of reuse and virtually eliminating accidental needlestick injuries.  

More than 20 viruses can be spread by contaminated needles, including Hepatitis and HIV. In fact, according to the WHO, 37.6% of Hepatitis B, 39% of Hepatitis C and 4.4% of HIV/AIDS cases in healthcare workers worldwide are due to infectious needlestick injuries. A study cited by the WHO of 20 countries found that healthcare workers each experienced an average of up to 9 needle stick injuries a year. 

“This is a potentially life-saving technology for doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers including EMT’s and other first responders throughout world,” said Dr. Steven Hertz, Sharps Chief Medical Officer. “In many developing countries, staff shortages and lack of training protocols can put healthcare workers and patients at increased risk. SHARPS PROVENSA can eliminate the silent scourge of needlestick infections and prevent dangerous and improper syringe and needle reuse.”

The new SHARPS PROVENSA syringe and needle technology allows healthcare workers to simply deliver a normal one-handed injection.  Karen Daley, Ph.D., Former President of the American Nurses Association.  Dr. Daley, who contracted HIV from an accidental infectious needle stick while working in an emergency room, said SHARPS PROVENSA™ would prevent similar infections in the future. “I have never seen safety syringe technology this effective,” she said. “If workers are not safe, patients are not safe.”

The WHO has listed Merck, Pfizer, GSK, Sanofi, and Moderna as having the best candidates for a Covid- 19 vaccine.