You shouldn’t have to choose who gets vaccinated. With Sharps Provensa Ultra-Low Waste™ and accurate dosing, 10%* more doses of medication and vaccines are available at no extra cost.

From the beginning, the vision behind Sharps Technology has been to engineer a better, safer future for people everywhere through compassionate innovation.

The seed was planted when our chief technology officer and inventor, Barry Berler, visited Africa with his family and they witnessed the poverty and illness of people in the villages. He was inspired to make a difference when his daughter asked one simple question: “Why can’t we help these children?”

At that time, 25.3 million people in sub-Saharan Africa were infected with HIV/AIDS.  The disease made a major impact on children, not only by way of infection (620,000), but also because 13.2 million kids age 15 and younger were labeled “AIDS orphans” from losing one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Reuse of contaminated needles greatly contributed to the rapid spread of the disease.

Barry’s mission to help the children at his daughter’s plea is still top of mind and has evolved into Sharps Technology’s mission: To be the number one provider of smart safety syringes that eliminate accidental needlestick injuries, prevent needle reuse, and reduce wasted medicine and vaccines—while retaining the intuitive simplicity of traditional syringes.

Sharps Provensa™ is our premier line of smart safety syringes that offer solutions to global healthcare crises such as the 1-2 billion syringe shortage forecasted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in November 2021. Our Ultra-Low Waste™ syringes offer a solution to minimize vaccine waste while offering reliable needlestick protection. Sharps Technology syringes are patented and comply with US regulatory and WHO guidelines. Our safety syringes are currently being produced at our ISO certified, FDA-cleared facility for medical device production with CE mark approval. 

Needlestick Injuries

An accidental needlestick injury can be a life-altering event. This usually happens to clinical staff while drawing blood or administering medication to patients, but anyone at home or in the community is at risk from used needles that have not been discarded correctly.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that two million potentially infectious needlestick injuries occur globally each year—unsafe injection practices can transmit HIV, hepatitis B and C, and other viruses, and even result in death.

Needlestick injuries can cause not only harm, but also anxiety and life disruption—and they are 100% preventable events. That’s where we come in: Sharps Technology is committed to taking care of the more than 40 million healthcare workers worldwide who take care of us all.

Injections should not cause infections.

The Problem

With healthcare workers delivering more than 16 billion injections a year worldwide, the risk of accidental needlestick injuries and exposure to dangerous bloodborne pathogens is real and urgent. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has named needlestick injuries “one of the greatest risks faced by the frontline healthcare worker.” The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even made eliminating them a national priority, pushing for the healthcare industry to fully adopt safety syringes by 2020—a goal which has not been reached.

Why not? One explanation: Virtually every safety syringe introduced so far has required the user to activate hinges, slides, or springs to engage their safety mechanisms. Lack of standardized design, their complexity, and practice changes are barriers to compliance, and may even be contributing to the problem. Nearly 40% of needle injuries involve a safety needle—the vast majority because users did not activate the safety features. The other 60% involve traditional syringes with no safety features at all.

Needlesticks disrupt the lives of at least half a million healthcare personnel each and every year, often with devastating results, including infections, psychological trauma, destroyed careers, and financial ruin. Sharps injuries also cause more than $1 billion in completely preventable healthcare costs, straining an already tremendously overburdened system.

The Solution

Sharps Technology offers a solution to this global healthcare crisis. Sharps Provensa smart safety syringes are the first of their kind designed to eliminate two million potentially infectious accidental needlestick injuries, as well as billions of dollars in medicine wasted with today’s inefficient syringes. Sharps Provensa syringes are addressing the important needs of the global healthcare market:

  • Provides automatic protection from accidental needlestick injection for clinicians and all who come in contact with contaminated needles.
  • Prevents improper reuse of both needle and syringe by automatically locking the plunger and shielded needle following injection.
  • Ultra Low-Waste™ dramatically reduces the amount of costly medications discarded with inefficient injections.

Our needle tips go through the skin sharp, delivering the medicine or vaccine, and come out of the body shielded, protecting the healthcare worker and the public. For the first time ever, needlesticks can be completely avoided, easing the financial burden on the healthcare system and giving clinical staff and the general public total protection and true peace of mind.

* The precise number of increased available injections may vary depending on the dose and choice of syringe.